OCEARCH "Weather Woes"


After entering into a partnership with Caterpillar, the OCEARCH set out on three expeditions: Jacksonville, Cape Cod and The Galápagos Islands. Mindsoil was brought on to conceptualize and create a series of short films that would change the tone of the brand's story from the dramatic narrative created by the TV networks into a true representation of the hard work, devotion and camaraderie required to complete expeditions at such an unprecedented level.


All of the boat’s previous video content had been captured on 1/2 sensor cameras, so the first step was to upgrade the technology. We switched from the Sony Ex 3 cameras to a combination of the Sony F3 and Canon 5d mk3 cameras to provide a more cinematic look. This eventually caused a shift in the post pipeline from Final Cut to Premier Pro to avoid transcode issues. Next was deliverables. For Jacksonville we decided to shoot and edit a finished 3-4 minute short film every day for 10 days without leaving the ship.

The style evolved with every video. A natural sound palette was used to bring the viewer into the world sans music and sound-ups. The graphics grew from lo-fi to polished. Camera movement was used to evolve the feel. We gradually introduced dollies, macro lenses and stabilizers.

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